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"Nat was a safe space, never judging or expecting me to already know something. Coming from a health sciences degree I honestly wasn’t sure how much new knowledge I was going to get in terms of nutritional science but Nat taught me so much"

--- Bri

"I learned how I can sometimes use food as a crutch to fill voids in my life.  Nat helped me redefine my relationship with food by guiding me through the learning process of reading food labels, and making more conscious purchases at the grocery store"

--- Anonymous 

"Nat helped empower me to not feel shame for the things I feed my body. She showed me how to take control of the narrative in my head about food and rewrite it"

--- Bri 

"Nat set me up with a

variety of nutrious meals for the week! Super helpful while juggling a toddler and a newborn. A great antidote to that ever-present scattered-before-dinner feeling"


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